2013 Vauxhall Zafira MPV Diesel Automatic

Very much a family car, the Vauxhall Zafira is a global car and is known as the Opel in European countries, the Chevrolet in Brazil, the Holden in Australia and the Subaru Traviq in Japan. In the UK under the Vauxhall moniker, the 2013 MPV automatic diesel version takes an average of just 26 days to sell with an average retail price of £10,752. However it is quite a bit of a surprise to see the Vauxhall so high up on the list after its recent PR nightmare due to the Zafira B setting on fire. Despite this, its average price is quite attractive for the consumer and it should be value for money when it comes to car insurance too, which is always a plus point for customers.

2016 Hyundai i30 Hatchback Diesel Semi-Automatic

Second place is surprisingly another diesel in the shape of the midsized hatchback i30. This edition is the five-door hatch which contains a 1.6 common rail direct injection I4 diesel 16v engine with turbo. Just like the Zafira it takes just 26 (average) days to sell, however its average price is just slightly higher at £11,295 – which is why it has been placed second. One interesting fact about the diesel variety of this car is that it’s actually slightly faster than its petrol equivalent, the 1.6 GDI, with a top speed of four miles per hour faster and its acceleration/0-62mph is marginally higher too. With better fuel consumption, it’s obvious why customers prefer the diesel version of the i30.

2014 Toyota RAV4 SUV Diesel Automatic

It does not come as much of a surprise for this iconic car to feature on our list. The name is over 20 years old and has been a staple on British roads for years. For a car as old as this it’s probably surprising to hear that’s only in its fourth generation, and for the first three generations the style and look of the five door wagon went largely unchanged. However, this fast selling version definitely has a modern look to it, which could probably explain why it takes just 29 days on average to sell, at an average price of £18,814, making it one of the fastest selling diesel cars in the UK this year.

2016 BMW i3 Hatchback Electric Automatic

Coming in fourth is our first alternatively fuelled vehicle and judging by Britain’s roads, it’s becoming quite popular. The electric BMW i3 takes, on average, 28 days to sell, with a price of £21,534, making it our most expensive car on the list. As with many other electric vehicles on the market, it’s an odd looking thing but if you want an electric car with a BMW badge on the front then your options are limited to the i3 or forking out a hefty sum for the mad looking BMW i8. Its sale price is likely down to it being a luxury electric vehicle from a traditional brand, of which there are few around at the moment.

2013 Toyota Auris Estate Electric Hybrid Automatic

As the hatchback version of the iconic Toyota Corolla, the Auris is the second Toyota model to make our list, taking (on average) 1 day longer to sell than its RAV4 sister, coming in at 29 days for an average price of £11,045. However it’s not the hatchback edition that is selling like hotcakes in the UK, it’s actually the automatic electric hybrid estate. This particular model belongs to the second generation of the car which has been around since 2013, and interestingly, just like the Zafira, has different names around the world. In North America it goes by the name of Scion iM and in Australia you’ll see it on the road with Corolla on the back of it.

2014 Vauxhall Mokka Hatchback Petrol Automatic

Next up is another Vauxhall and it’s a relatively new model, when compared to the Zafira, which features at the top of this list. The Mokka has only been in production since 2012. It’s inclusion in this list is quite interesting as it pips its sister, the Corsa, which if you look, bears quite a resemblance. Taking an average of 29 days to sell with an average retail price of £12,214, it becomes the first solely petrol fuelled vehicle to make the list. Of course there was going to be at least one crossover or mini SUV on the list as they seem to be all the rage these days, with countless car manufacturers coming out with a crossover model.

2016 Ford Kuga SUV Petrol Manual

Yes! That’s right, another SUV for the list. Also another car with a history of recalls after the infamous 2013 recall. However it’s fair to say that this a different model, and the popular Ford SUV is not to be confused with the previous and short lived Ford sports coupe, the Cougar, which ceased production in 2002. This Kuga takes less than a month (unless that month is February) to sell with an average of 29 days sales time and average price tag of £18,814. Originally designed by Ford of Europe, the Kuga is now also sold in North America as the third generation of the Ford Escape, which we think is a much better name than Kuga!

2011 Vauxhall Insignia Hatchback Petrol Manual

Yet another Vauxhall car on the list! Commonly used as a Police car in the UK, the Insignia replaced the Vectra, famously unloved by (then) Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson. With an average price of £5,563, it’s the cheapest model on the list, but also the oldest. However that doesn’t have an effect on its average time to sell of 31 days. Currently on its first generation cycle, this particular model will go out of date style wise next year as a new Insignia is expected to be designed and released. Does this mean that the 2011 Vauxhall Insignia will go out of fashion and thus not be as quick to sell in the future?

2015 Ford Ka Hatchback Petrol Manual

Just like the RAV4 featured near the top of the list, this is very much a long running model. In fact the first generation was such a long running car it was being produced in Spain up until 2008 and in Brazil until 2013. The second generation lasted for about eight years and now we are on to the third, which the 2015 model fits into. Taking an average of 31 days to sell at an average price of £6,019 – it’s very much a cheap and relatively car, and it’s actually fairly different to the first and second generation, taking up the spot of both the old KA and the entry Ford Fiesta… which explains why the KA is on the list, andnot the Fiesta.

2015 MINI Hatch Cooper Hatchback Diesel Manual

With a storied past, the MINI Cooper almost never was, but now it’s a staple of the BMW MINI line-up and probably, at least if you go by this list, the most popular of the MINI models of this age. This particular model has an average sale date of 31 days with an average price £12,685, which is a lot higher than the 2015 Ford Ka that also features on this list. It’s not a surprise to see the MINI Cooper included though, as there’s no doubt this is an iconic car It offers a cool and modern adaption of what is very much a British classic and some would say a British cultural icon.


That’s it! The list is complete, we’ve covered a range of cars in this list from small hatchbacks to small SUVs, electric vehicles and big family cars. The list highlights how much variety there is in the sort of cars you need to sell to help be a successful motor trader. However it’s not just selling cars which makes you a successful motor trader, other aspects of the business also need to be carefully looked at too. You also need to make sure that your business is properly protected, and one of the aspects that needs to be carefully looked at is, for example, the insurance of the business. Having the right Motor Trade insurance can often be just as important as having the right stock to make sure that if something happened, you’d be properly covered and able to trade without being left out of pocket.